Portable Assembly Dry Toilet

Portable Assembly Dry Toilet

Portable Assembly dry toilet mesin biogas

1. Product Profile

Portable Assembly dry toilet mesin biogas

Portable Assembly dry toilet img2 mesin biogas

This product is specifically designed for the developing countries, and is a DIY product.
It comes in cardboard boxes
It is a dry toilet, and no water is needed

The toilet is installed on a pit dug in the ground. When the pit is full, move the toilet on an empty pit,
and at the same time cover the loaded pit with soil.

Portable Assembly dry toilet skema mesin biogas

At the two ends of the toilet, there are two handles installed for convenient carrying away of the
The product can be used as a sitting toilet or a squatting toilet.
The product is composed of mainly a galvanized pipe frame, a stainless steel floor, aluminum plastic
panel walls, a hollow sunlight sheet roof, a plastic sitting toilet, and a solar light with solar energy charging
The product is mainly applicable to rural families, nomadic families, country resorts, and military

Portable Assembly Wet Toilet

Portable Assembly wet toilet img3 mesin biogas

2. Main advantages

1)Convenient for transportation. The parts are packed in cartons for transportation.
2)Easy to install. Can be installed by users themselves
3)Easy to move. It is light, and has four handles for easy lifting up and moving away.

3. Main Parameter

LxWxH Weight Volume for transportasion Power solar light
1.2 75kg 0.5m3 3w